Hangers…Look after your clothes.

How does your wardrobe look?
  • No matter how much you spend on your clothes. They deserve to be cared for.
  • You should look forward to wearing, every piece in your wardrobe .
  • Enjoy shopping your wardrobe. Mixing and matching pieces to create a new look. (Photo cataloguing, service to follow, please ask for details).
  • Make sure that you have pieces in your WOW colours.
  • Does your wardrobe show your STYLE PERSONALITY?
  • Do you know what flatters your body shape, proportions & scale?

So below I enclose a photo of one of my lovely clients knitwear, on a ‘dry-cleaning hanger’!!

These hangers are just used to transport your garments from the dry cleaners. Not to hang your lovely clothes on.

To make your wardrobe from a mismatch of wire hangers, plastic ones from stores, or ones that are far too bulky I suggest the following.

Create a clean look with the same hangers. I can highly recommend the ‘knitwear’ hangers. These ones are sloped so do not dig into the knitwear & are coated so will not slip off. They are also slim, so great for hanging space in your wardrobe.I understand that there is plenty of choice out there, so choose what’s good for you.

Alternatively, fold or roll them in your draws.


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