What to wear on a HOT day like today……

I don’t know about you, but I feel more confident & comfortable when I’m covering my body.

So what do you feel comfortable in during our hot season?

I’m very much into floaty dresses made of cotton or a cotton mix. First, cotton is a great fabric to help keep cool in & even better if the colour is light & reflects to sun. The natural fibre allows the air to circulate. It needs to be roomy as I can’t stand feeling restricted. I am definitely not a classic style personality.

When I was younger I would spend hours in the sun while on holiday. Then when I was pregnant with our first son (16 years ago) I couldn’t bear sitting in the sun. Now I can expose my legs as long as the rest of my body is covered. I’m more concerned about the damaging effects the sun has on my skin. So I now use fake tan if I feel the need.

As I work from home I feel guilty working in the garden while my husband is stuck in an office. So I’m currently working from the kitchen with very little breeze. Drinking iced soda water. With our dog Lottie trying to cool with a cool towel draped over her. Don’t worry I will make it out in this glorious weather later. When he’s back from work….

So in the meantime I’ll go & apply a bit of fake tan so I look a little less pale, & disguise the thread veins!!!

Enjoy your afternoon & this glorious weather……

Natasha xx

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