7 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Richmond Boden Trousers….

It’s time to give your legs what they’ve always wanted:
perfectly-fitting trousers made with silhouette-smoothing,
power-stretch fabric that refuses to sag or bag.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 16.50.33

These versatile Richmond trousers are:

  1. Available in a variety of different colours & patterns.

  2. Come in four different leg lengths & fits: Trouser, 7/8th, Bootcut & Wide Crop.

  3. Their latest, greatest, refined trouser cut – now with an even better fit. The premium, power-stretch fabric is key, which outdoes other stretch fabrics by containing even more elastane. And that means comfort, structure without any rigidity and incredible recovery wear after wear (so no more baggy knees).

  4. Machine washable.

  5. Very versatile. Dress up or down.

  6. Great for all style personalities.

  7. Reasonable price.

These straight-leg, exceptional-fit trousers go with every top
in your wardrobe. Two words: instant classic.

7 / 8th
Oh hi, straight trousers, with just the right amount of stretch,
cropped a little shorter to allow for a flash of ankle.

A classic cut designed to flatter your legs. Wear with heels for
timeless elegance in two seconds.

On-trend and secretly comfortable. This wider-leg crop
streamlines your legs (and shows off fabulous shoes).

To visit Boden please click below.

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