Can make you feel full of energy, confident and full of ambition however you may also appear as aggressive, domineering and impatient.
Wear red when you want to be recognised or to catch someone’s eye.

You’ll appear affectionate, sympathetic and understanding but you may also appear under confident and dependent. Pink is a great colour to wear when you want to soften an austere business look or when you are caring for someone.

Blue induces a sense of calm and will make you appear peaceful, trustworthy, and perceptive. You may also appear as over-sensitive, conservative and predictable
Wear deep blues when you want to project authority, and opt for lighter blues when giving a presentation.

You’ll appear to be nurturing, dependable, and relaxed but green also has negative attributes of being risk averse, predictable, and boring.
Wear green when you are over-stressed or overtired, it produces restorative results and helps you to relax.

Can make you feel enthusiastic, energetic, uninhibited and fun-loving.
Can make you appear superficial, common and faddist.
Great colour to show off your creativity and confidence at parties or other social events.

Shows that you are creative and in control, however you may appear a bit bossy and impractical.
Wear this colour in business situations when you need to project confidence and individuality.

What’s your colour & why?





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